Today’s Updated Visa Jobs In Dubai

The job market in the United Arab Emirates is thriving and offering more and more vacancies and opportunities every year. As a job seeker, you will be competing with a multitude of candidates. The question is how will your CV stand out? On top of that, you have a visa to visit Dubai and you are looking for a job in Dubai, and your time is running out because it will expire soon.

Most people think that by writing on their CV that they have a visit visa and that it will expire soon, they will find a job in Dubai quickly. But in reality, this is not as effective as most people think.

Here’s another fact – hiring managers will only be interested in their company. It doesn’t matter to them if your visa expires soon.

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  1. Take a professional approach
    You should always take a professional approach. You know that your visa to visit the UAE will expire soon and you want to somehow let the hiring manager know about it, but not in a desperate way.

Remember that you can show up for interviews even after you return to your home country. If the company is interested in hiring you, it can provide airfare and a work visa to Dubai. Impress the hiring team with your professionalism and confidence. Never show a hint of desperation.

  1. Prepare a resume and cover letter
    Be sure yourCV and cover letter are ready. It should contain no grammatical errors and all details should be accurate. Refer to the CV writing guide to help you.
  2. Indicate availability for interview
    It is important to let the hiring manager know that you are available within a time frame that covers the duration of the visit visa. Include these details. If the departure date passes you must include contact details (when you can be found at your home. It should include a home phone number and email. All three contacts should be included on both your CV and cover letter.
  3. Send your CV
    They say that when you apply for a job, you should choose a boss and a company. Once everything is prepared, start sending them to job opportunities in your profession or industry. Be sure to include which job you are looking for, salary expectations, and skills relevant to the job posting.

Try to be more specific with your skills and convince the hiring manager that your skillset matches the job requirements.

  1. Interviewing ‘on the hoof’
    Most people choose to apply for jobs in Dubai online, but there are also chances for ‘on the spot’ interviews. Schedule one day a week for on-the-spot interviews. Dress well and be confident. Be sure to mention that you will be in the country by a certain date. You can tell the hiring manager that they can reach you by phone, email and online. Do this in a professional manner.
  2. Thank you letter
    Immediately after the interview, be sure to send a thank you letter to the hiring manager. Express your gratitude for the interview. This will make a good impression on the hiring manager and will help in recalling him/her.