surveyor jobs in Pakistan

Surveyors estimate property boundaries for construction projects. They also provide valuable information to map-making, mining, and legal reasons.

What is a surveyor’s job?

Surveyors assess the land’s features, like size and depth using the location of their reference points. They review the previous land records to confirm information from on-site surveys. Surveyors also create reports and maps and then present their findings to their clients.

Surveyors’ job responsibilities comprise:

The measurement of boundaries for property

Recording results of surveys

Staff on site are supervising

What are the skills you require to become a surveyor?

Surveyors usually have an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering or a relevant field as well as a valid surveyor’s license. They possess exceptional math and problem-solving abilities. They are also able to effectively work with different disciplines, including architects and engineers. In order to succeed in this position the ability to master CAD applications, GPS, and GIS systems are essential.

When writing your own description of the job of a surveyor ensure that you include these abilities along with any other requirements specific to the position.

Job description

We are in search of an experienced surveyor who can supervise the field team and ensure that our tasks are completed in time. The primary responsibilities include calculating the boundaries of land across multiple locations, and preparing maps and reports on the results of surveys for clients.

This job requires hands-on experience using engineering equipment and a thorough understanding regarding GPS as well as GIS systems. In order to succeed as surveyor, you must also possess excellent math and analytical skills, along with an eye for measuring.

If you’re able to meet our requirements and you’re well-organized and meticulous with significant experience in this area, we’d like to talk with you.


Conduct surveys of the land and properties

Review previous records and other evidence to verify the accuracy of data

Design and research methods to surveys

Utilize tools and equipment to precisely determine the features of the land (e.g. longitudes, latitudes)

Create maps, sketches and charts

Direct and supervise the field personnel.

Maintain and purchase equipment

Survey results are reported and present the findings to clients.

Work with architects and engineers on a variety of projects


Experience as a surveyor or an equivalent job

Working understanding of GPS and GIS

Technically adept, with experience with CAD software

Ability to solve problems in math and problem-solving

Attention to detail

Leadership and organizational skills that are outstanding.

A degree from Civil Engineering or a similar field

A valid certificate is required.