CSS Jobs in Pakistan

Are you looking for current and upcoming CSS jobs? Not to worry as you have arrived at the right place as you will be provided with all the latest valid, authentic, and updated information regarding CSS careers on this page. Prospective candidates can choose various jobs after the CSS examination which are highly ranked among the major civil service departments of Pakistan. Successful CSS examination student candidates will be chosen from a wide jobs list after the CSS exam concerning their preferred department of choice.

CSS passed candidates will be able to join and enroll towards their desired civil service jobs after CSS jobs under the bs-17 scale as civil department officers officially under approval by the government of Pakistan. Successful candidates can choose various CSS jobs from their desired civil departments comprising Pakistan customs service, commerce & trade group, police service, railways, inland revenue service, information group service, Pakistan audit and accounts service, foreign service departments among others concerning CSS jobs list in Pakistan.

Candidates based on their performance in the written test and interview will be provided with highly ranked civil department jobs after passing CSS exam in Pakistan.

css exam in pakistan

Central Superior Services(CSS) is one of the most prestigious exams in Pakistan. Such an effective to elect the most generous and well-personalited persons in twelve different departments irrespective of religion, color, creed, and ethnics.

Every year, more than 20,000 students appear in this exam. During preparation, they have to prepare twelve different subjects including six as compulsory and six as optional. Everyone can appear in the exam. If anyone passes the written, he qualifies for an interview. After taking an interview, If he qualifies, he is elected in one of the twelve departments such as Police service, Administration, Customs, Inland Revenue, Office management, Audit and Account, Foreign service, Postal and Railway as Bs-17 officer.

According to my point of view, CSS is the only exam in Pakistan through which any person can attain a prestigious post and social status. NO matter what is background or qualification. Just work hard and achieve your goal.

I also have been preparing for this exam for one year. I wish I would appear in 2019 and elect as Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan Administrative Service.

.Pakistan Administrative Services

Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS), previously known as a district management group. PAS is the number one group that is chosen by CSS qualified, candidates. You can also say that to join Pakistan administrative services is the dream of every CSS-qualified candidate. The candidates who pass CSS, but couldn’t join the past group, are appearing again in the civil services examination to fulfill the dream job. There are multiple high-ranked posts in the PAS group. Here are some posts in Pakistan administrative services group, that are mentioned below: