Punjab Police Jail Department Jobs 2021

Punjab Police Jail Department Jobs 2021
Government of Punjab, Department of jail
Vacancies are vacant in Malaka Jails in Sargodha and districts across Bahawalpur. Candidates from all the districts who meet the following conditions are required to apply on the proposed form as per the following schedule. Which was conducted 21-08-23 three times in the ERA Orbital Testing Service (NTS). 8/1, what I received in Islamabad.

Nmae of post: Warder Boy/ Warder Women

No. of Post: 700+

Location: Rahim yar khan , bahawalpur, Lodhran

challan form is Rs.500

۔ The home will be in accordance with the approved policy and laws of the government. Moreover, according to the rules of the government, all this will end. Application challan form can be downloaded from NTS website –
www.nts.org.pk Note: Candidates who have applied for the said posts in April-May this year and appeared in the Physical Meeting are not required to submit the application in person and for their applications. That’s enough. However, all the prices asked for recruitment were sold
The written mate and other schedule have been executed and it will be in accordance with the newly approved policy and what will happen to all the candidates who participated in the bull race and written test twice, the drastic test and my corpse

  • Terms & Conditions
  • . 05% Who is the derivative for the two ex-sisters and for whom after ten years of service has passed away?
  • Should be and also 05 prophets of memorizing the Qur’an
  • Are 2. Scale number
  • 05:01 Scale number of posts to 20%
  • The present service is for children of retired employees and 05% is not for minority candidates. 3- Mardan candidates who have been examined and examined and will be brought to Naar while non-candidates have been examined and examined and 4. All the candidates have to submit an affidavit that The person involved in the FIR and the case is not wanted. Red Statement of Submission of Affidavit
  • In that case, the candidate will be disqualified for life in jails and legal action will be taken.
  • If at any stage during the scrutiny of the candidate’s old credentials, domicile national identity card, Senate and Ian Ali, these papers are found to be fake or unverified.
  • If so, candidate recruitment will be canceled and legal action will be taken. 6. Surf this optimistic physical statement.
  • Are eligible, whose applications will be received. The type of expenses of the candidate selected in different marls will not be treated. 7. Mack admits that he will use water as an excuse to cancel any stage of this credible Iran.
  • Posts can be more or less. And under the government policy, the upper age limit will be reduced to 5 years.